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    Most fun I've had in a long time!

    April 2, 2016


    These past few weeks I have had an chance to link up with an amazing group of creatives at the church I attend. Every year they put to writing and producing an original Easter production and this year was no different. With all my daughters in school full time now, I was able to show up for the first time help with set building and I was happily assigned the task of painting this...


    It was a mostly grey piece when I started and I was given the simple instructions, "Dirty it up." I was allowed free reign as to what it would look like.


    What a cool experience. As I poured the black, brown and rust coloured paint onto my palette (aka. lid to a 5-gallon pail) I started to think back to my childhood, growing up on the farm. I know what aged and neglected metal looks like. I know how grease and dirt builds up in the corners, layer upon layer. I know that rust can grow, sometimes dripping down from chips in paint or dents in metal surfaces. I have seen and felt how those spaces that are touched often remain clean - almost polished in appearance. Even smells passed through my mind as my brushes hit their mark. Smells of dirt, of rain, of manure and of diesel exhaust. The time flew by...it was time so incredibly well spent.


    The production was amazing in the end and I was honoured to have played a small role in it's success.


    If you're interested in checking the production out, it's available for viewing on Livestream:




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