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    Exciting News for Fall

    May 6, 2016

    I received the most exciting email a couple days ago from a friend of mine. Her and I had been working on the Easter set together and it came up in conversation that she was a member of an artist's society here in Calgary. As we chatted, she began to encourage me to express interest in joining. She was honest about the fact that there is usually a waiting list and their acceptance depends on how many artists intend on remaining with the group into the next year, but as she put it, "It never hurts to try."


    So I did. I sent my email to the woman in charge of registration and set about to waiting.


    I heard from the group on Tuesday. There had been an opening and I was being invited to join them in the fall. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am! There is no doubt that this membership will stretch me, both personally and creatively. From what I've been told it doesn't run as structured class. Each artist works on their own project with the mentor providing assistance when necessary, and at times the group is given opportunity to critique each others' work. There are trips into the outdoors to work en plein air, and once in a while the group works alla prima and then discusses the results of each person's work. Most exciting of all is that two days out of the year the society puts on an art show and sale, where approved pieces are publicly displayed and sold.


    As a mom of three active girls, being intentional about my practice tends to be a bit of a luxury so to have this opportunity to not only schedule a set time for my art, but also do it in a way where I am going to be mentored by a professional artist...there are no words to describe the anticipation!


    So there it is: I am a member of the St. Andrew's Heights Artist's Society.

    (or at least I will be come September)



    If you would like to know more about the society, please check out the link below:




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