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    Summer Catch-up

    August 8, 2017

    At the end of June, I made the decision to give priority to those partially finished, almost forgotten creative projects that could be found simmering in corners or hiding in closets. I’m pleased to say that TWO major ones have been checked off the list - a lace-knit shawl that I’ve been working on for *mumble-mumble* years and the quilt that I started last year for my youngest daughter’s bed.











    An old friend (who knows me oh so well) put it best when she said, “Julie’s becoming a closer.”

    You bet your papa’s potatoes, I am!
    To celebrate these accomplishments, I’m breaking out the acrylic tubes to work on a small canvas!
    Just one…
    For now…
    Then back to my list.

    It truly has been a beautiful summer so far, filled with numerous trips to the lake, time spent with family and friends, soaking up the heat and simply enjoying the slower pace of the season. Even as I say that though I’m reminded of how a friend pointed out to me yesterday that the days are already getting shorter and the evenings getting cooler.

    It’s hard not to release a deep sigh of resignation at the thought of our remaining days of freedom slipping away too quickly. Yet, as I drove the gravel roads last night, I noticed early signs of the coming harvest season. It brought a smile to my face as I began to wonder - maybe my brother could use an weekend-warrior grain truck driver this fall…

    …can’t take the farm out of the girl ;)
    May your remaining days be filled bit beauty and joy!

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