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    Tipping Point

    November 15, 2017


    Right on cue, here I stand again.


    I stand in a place where I face a decision with neither option being easy.


    I can't do this...I will do this.

    This is terrible...This has great potential.

    I should just quit...Don't quit now.

    I don't know why I even try...I love doing this.


    My 10yr old saw me just sitting there, my head cocked to one side. She saw my hand digging into the tendons in my neck. She likely could hear the gears turning in my mind.

    "What are you doing, Mom?"

    "I'm at my tipping point, sweetie."

    "You mean like skis at the top of a mountain? Or like a teeter-totter?"

    "Yah, like that...you go forward or you go back. I'm trying to decide whether to keep working on it or start over."

    "Back is usually safer but forward is always more fun, Mom."

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