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    Spring, summer, winter, fall...

    September 14, 2018

    ...I like fall best of all.

    There really just is something about this autumn season. The changing colours on the trees and hillsides - the smell of harvest on the breeze - the desire to pull out the scarves and hats just to cozy up as I step outside. In the cool air, I breathe a little deeper. It’s crisp and fresh...

    Oh ya, and a little busy too.

    As a mom of three school aged girls, summer finishes up and we hit the ground running. As we return from holidays at the lake, the first few days you can almost hear the wheels of life screeching like a plane touching down on the tarmac.
    And yet, it’s good.


    I’ve set a goal in my life these past few years that “busy” in our family would no longer translate into “hurried.” It’s taken a lot of attention to how I schedule things, specifically learning not to be so optimistic in my travel time estimations and getting in the habit of adding fifteen minutes of “white space” in between events in my calendar, but in doing so I’ve discovered the joy of just sitting still because I arrived early to my appointment or the calming influence of being able to read in my car for a few minutes before heading into work. I’ve learned to keep my journal and my sketchbook handy just for those open spaces in my day when I have time to put pen to paper. It’s been a goal that, when I’m in a good rhythm of honouring it, has been very good for my soul.

    I consider myself very lucky to have the ability to make these choices based on what’s good for me, rather than what’s expected of me. I count my stars every time I have the freedom to sit in front of my easel and not feel the pressure of the clock ticking next to me. I am thankful for this life I live, busyness and all, and I appreciate how the arrival of fall encourages a reset in my thinking.

    Happy fall everyone!

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